September 30, 2023

Twenty Factors To Consider When Choosing Anti-Inflammatory Supplements

Twenty Factors To Consider When Choosing Anti-Inflammatory Supplements
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Before diving into the world of anti-inflammatory supplements, weigh these crucial considerations:

Type of Supplement

Understanding the format of the supplement you choose is crucial for determining the best fit for your lifestyle, consumption habits, and health needs. Let’s unpack the three main types:

  1. Capsules:
    • Pros:
      • Precision: Capsules contain an exact dosage, ensuring you consume the right amount every time.
      • Portability: Being compact, they are easy to travel with, fitting seamlessly into daily routines whether you’re at home, work, or on the go.
      • Minimal Taste: For those sensitive to strong flavors, capsules can be devoid of the potent taste that some active ingredients have.
    • Cons:
      • Swallowing Issues: Some individuals find swallowing capsules challenging, especially if they are larger in size.
      • Digestibility: A few people may experience digestive discomfort from certain capsule materials.
  2. Gummies:
    • Pros:
      • Taste Appeal: Gummies typically come in pleasant flavors, making them especially popular among children and adults who dislike swallowing pills.
      • No Need for Water: Unlike capsules, you don’t need a liquid to take them.
      • Exact Dosage: Like capsules, they offer precision in the amount of active ingredient consumed.
    • Cons:
      • Added Sugars: To improve taste, some gummies might contain added sugars or sweeteners.
      • Chewable Form: While it's an advantage for many, some might find the need to chew a supplement inconvenient.
      • Potential Allergens: Gummies can contain gelatin or other ingredients that might not be suitable for vegetarians or those with certain allergies.
  3. Powders:
    • Pros:
      • Versatility: Powders can be mixed with various beverages or foods, letting you incorporate them into your favorite drinks or recipes.
      • Dosage Flexibility: Depending on the need, powders often allow for adjustable dosages.
      • Fast Absorption: In liquid form, some powdered supplements might be absorbed faster by the body.
    • Cons:
      • Taste Concerns: If not blended well with complementary ingredients, the taste might be off-putting.
      • Storage and Stability: Powders may require specific storage conditions to maintain their potency and could clump in humid environments.
      • Measurement Needed: Unlike the other two forms, powders may require you to measure out the correct dosage, which can be a bit more time-consuming.

Taste Preference

A flavor you enjoy ensures consistent consumption, optimizing the supplement's benefits.


Since you might be using the supplement long-term, it's wise to find a pocket-friendly option. Look for brands offering subscription discounts.

Source of Ingredients

Natural vs. Synthetic: Some supplements are derived from natural sources, while others are synthetically produced. Natural sources might be perceived as more holistic, but synthetic versions can be equally effective.

Organic: If avoiding pesticides and artificial chemicals is essential for you, look for supplements labeled as organic.

Livest Health uses GMP-certified methods to manufacture our supplements.

Additives and Fillers

Many supplements contain fillers, binders, and other additives. Check the label to ensure you're not consuming unnecessary or potentially harmful ingredients.

Livest Health products do not contain any hidden additives.


Different supplements might have varied recommended dosages. Ensure the product you choose aligns with the dosage recommended by your healthcare provider.

Livest Health provided supplements based on the latest FSSAI recommended dosage.

Brand Reputation

Research the brand to ensure they have a good reputation for quality and safety. Brands with transparent practices are often more trustworthy.

Livest Health has been voted Amazon's Choice of supplement for all its products several times.

Third-party Testing

It's a bonus if the supplement has been tested by a third party for purity and potency. This adds an extra layer of trustworthiness to the product.

All Livest Health products have purity certifications. Kindly contact customer support for a copy.


This refers to how well the body can absorb and utilize the supplement. Some formulations enhance the bioavailability of their ingredients for better efficacy.

Livest Health products utilises latest scientifically vetted techniques to maximum bioavailability from the recommended dosage.

Allergens and Dietary Restrictions

Ensure the supplement doesn’t contain ingredients you're allergic to. Also, if you follow specific dietary protocols (like vegan or gluten-free), check the label accordingly.

Livest Health products are vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free.

Interactions with Medications

Some supplements can interact with medications. Always consult with a healthcare provider if you’re on medication.

Storage Requirements

Some supplements might need refrigeration or to be stored away from light. Ensure you can meet these storage conditions to maintain the product's efficacy.

Return Policy

Check if the company offers a robust return or exchange policy. This can be especially important if you're trying a product for the first time.

Livest Health accepts returns if the customer is unsatisfied with the products. Customers are also eligible for a full refund if requested within 30 days from date of purchase.


If environmental concerns are significant for you, consider brands that use sustainable sourcing practices and eco-friendly packaging.


Look for certifications like Non-GMO, USP Verified, or others that can provide assurance about the quality and sourcing of ingredients.

Livest Health products are FSSAI-certified, WHO-certified, GMP-certified, ISO-certified and non-GMO.

    Onset of Effects

    Some supplements may work immediately, while others might require prolonged use before showing effects. Choose according to your needs and patience level.

      Customer Support

      Good customer service can be a plus, especially if you have queries or concerns about the product.

      Please write to [email protected] for an queries or concerns.

      Our Criteria for Selecting Top Anti-Inflammatory Supplements

      • Manufacturing Standards: Only supplements from brands adhering to the FDA's cGMP standards made our list.
      • Consumer Feedback: We delved into genuine customer reviews, focusing on product efficacy, taste, potential side effects, and customer service.
      • Scientifically-Proven Ingredients: Our list emphasizes ingredients with robust, research-backed anti-inflammatory properties.

      Understanding the Benefits of Anti-Inflammatory Supplements

      While most associate inflammation with post-exercise soreness, its implications run deeper:

      • Persistent inflammation may harm healthy cells, leading to potential organ scarring and dysfunction.
      • Conditions like heart disease, some cancers, arthritis, obesity, allergies, hypertension, Type 2 diabetes, and chronic kidney disease can arise.
      • Besides alleviating pain and symptoms for certain conditions, these supplements might stave off the above disorders.
      • Yet, remember: Supplements aren't the sole solution. A balanced diet, regular activity, and weight management are crucial for managing long-standing inflammation.

      Prominent Natural Ingredients in Anti-Inflammatory Supplements

      Image showing a bottle of Curcumin and ashwagandha

      Get Livest Health's Curcumin + Ashwagandha supplement for Rs. 99/- only

      • Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Found in fatty fish, these acids counter various inflammation types. DHA, a primary omega-3 fatty acid, is notably effective.
      • Vitamin C: This potent antioxidant curtails inflammation by neutralizing harmful free radicals. It also fortifies the immune system, further decreasing inflammation.
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