January 10, 2024

Discussing Holistic Fitness With Pratiiek Roy: Part 1

Discussing Holistic Fitness With Pratiiek Roy: Part 1
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Pratiiek Roy is a fitness enthusiast and fitness coach who has been a part of the industry since 17. Over the decades, Pratiiek has helped many people achieve their fitness goals, from weight loss to holistic health. Pratiiek is also the host of the podcast called The Hustling Muscles Show.

Livest Health caught up with him this week for a quick chat about how you can use fitness to achieve your wellness goals.


Hi Livest Health! I am Pratiiek. I am a fitness enthusiast, a fitness trainer, and somebody who's been associated with this industry since the age of 17. I'm so happy you gave me this opportunity to share my experience with you all. Thank you so much, Livest Health!

What are some philosophies that you have picked up from your decades long experience as fitness trainer?

Well, you know, there's one thing simple that I have that I apply to my clients is understanding them, just not about understanding the physical condition is very important when you're giving them a workout but also understanding what they like and what they don't like.

You're able to keep them more consistent, you're able to keep them more hooked onto the workout. Otherwise, you know, if you're giving them something that they don't like, it tends to become monotonous for them, and they try to drop out.

My philosophy with everybody is very simple. I mean, just show up, try your level best, and maybe you don't need to give 100% every day, but show up and do the little bit. You can try to be as consistent as you can, you know.

Success Stories

It's just not about weight loss. I always tell people it's, you know, about holistically changing yourself. You know your entire body changes, your energy level changes. Look at those things you know when you're looking for transformation, you know.

Especially when somebody says, you know, they want thyroid medicines and things like that, and working out working with me helps them, you know, as for the doctor said to reduce the thyroid medicine, these are now.

I remember a few people being very skeptical about working out and asking how is it going to help and things like that I remember this uh particular client had a lot of back issues she was not able to travel for too long she would say that I can't sit constantly you know even for 1 hour one and a half hours in the car but I think after working out for 3 4 months with me she went for a long drive for at least an 8 hours road trip and she said I had no issues I had no stiffness I had no pain that's the biggest transformation success story that I get from my clients.

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