Col (Dr) Surendra Ramamurthy
Healthcare Technology & Digital Health Advisor and Military Veteran (Doctor)

Col (Dr) Surendra Ramamurthy

Healthcare Technology & Digital Health Advisor, Military Veteran (Doctor)

Colonel (Dr) Surendra Ramamurthy is a respected veteran of the Indian Armed Forces with a rich and varied career extending over four decades in healthcare, medical education, and digital health. His service demonstrates a profound commitment to advancing medical practice and healthcare delivery, both in uniform and beyond.

Throughout his distinguished career, Colonel Ramamurthy has made significant contributions to women's health and reproductive medicine, working as a Senior Consultant in specialized infertility clinics and hospitals. His passion for medical education led him to a pivotal role as an Associate Professor at AIMST University in Malaysia, where he influenced the next generation of medical professionals.

Transitioning to healthcare technology marked a significant evolution in his career. Colonel Ramamurthy has played critical roles at leading healthcare technology firms, including OHUM Healthcare Technologies and CliniVantage Healthcare Technologies, where he utilized his expertise to meld clinical practice with emerging digital solutions as a Clinical Transformation Specialist and Chief Clinical Officer.

As a co-founder and the Chief Medical Director & Head of Medical Board at Intelli Fettle Technologies, he showcased his entrepreneurial acumen and leadership in healthcare innovation. His extensive experience encompasses roles such as consultant gynaecologist, associate professor, and advocate for digital health, highlighting his versatility and commitment to healthcare improvement.

Colonel Ramamurthy’s extensive career not only underscores his relentless pursuit of excellence and adaptability but also his enduring dedication to enhancing global healthcare through innovative technology. His trajectory provides valuable insights and inspiration for healthcare professionals and illustrates the significant contributions that veterans can make in civilian roles. An alumnus of the Army Medical Corps, his foundational experiences in the military have profoundly shaped his professional ethos and expertise in medical practice.

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