May 30, 2022

How Effective Is Turmeric Against Breast Cancer?

How Effective Is Turmeric Against Breast Cancer?
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Turmeric is an excellent ingredient that has several health benefits. The vibrant spice adds beautiful color to the food and has some impressive compounds. Curcumin, the active element of turmeric, links to numerous benefits for health. Moreover, a lot of research proved the value of this ingredient. 

According to Ayurveda, turmeric is a significant ingredient in medicines. Does this make you curious about turmeric?. Here is everything you need to know about what this ingredient can do: 

Can Turmeric Combat Breast Cancer?

Turmeric alone cannot fight or prevent breast cancer. Curcumin often gets associated with cancer prevention, but the body cannot easily absorb it. Although studies show that curcumin may positively affect all kinds of cancers, there were several complications when used in therapy sessions. 

Little to no study supports that turmeric can replace traditional treatments for breast cancer. However, curcumin may prevent the growth of cancer cells, hinder them from spreading, and cause cell destruction. 

Some studies demonstrate that curcumin can be effective against specific types of breast cancer. It is because curcumin has properties that can help lower estrogen levels. Estrogen enables the cancer cells to grow and spread further in most breast cancer types. 

The studies can be contradictory, but researchers do not entirely understand how curcumin works and gets processed in the body. Curcumin is a polyphenol, which are compounds that we receive through certain plant-based foods. Because of this, curcumin’s properties can change depending on its combination. Due to the low bioavailability of curcumin, the least amount of this compound enters the bloodstream on consumption. However, several studies have also examined if it is possible to use curcumin alone to treat breast cancer

Can Curcumin Prevent Or Cure Any Other Type Of Cancer? 

Researchers say that currently, no study supports that curcumin can replace traditional cancer treatment methods. Treatments including curcumin may be complementary therapy, but the principal treatment should continue. Curcumin may provide additional therapeutic benefits, so there is no harm in taking that. Integrative therapies should strictly not replace or even delay conventional treatments. 

However, you can make some dietary changes and opt for food containing turmeric. Consult your doctor to plan the necessary modifications in the diet and proceed accordingly.  

How Much Turmeric Should You Consume? 

With numerous uses of turmeric in Ayurvedic medicine, the spice is readily available in every store in powdered or dried form. If you use turmeric for cooking purposes, you can add it for coloring and flavoring. But, if you use it for medicinal purposes, 500-2000 mg per day is more than enough. 

Consulting a doctor about the dosage of curcumin is always a good option. There are turmeric supplements for people who cannot have enough in their food. They come in the form of gummies, pills, and liquid extracts. 

Some Benefits Of Turmeric 

There are plenty of benefits of turmeric, which makes it one of the most popular ingredients. Curcumin, the active ingredient of turmeric, is mainly responsible for all the advantages of turmeric. It can help reduce chronic inflammation, which leads to diseases like cancer, digestive orders, and type-2 diabetes.

Furthermore, curcumin can provide relief from pain, and several pain-relief pills have this as their key ingredient. If present at a high level in the body, free radicals can cause cell damage. However, turmeric is very rich in antioxidants and can neutralize the effects of harmful free radicals. Due to this high antioxidant activity, curcumin can maintain the immune system and aid in combating pathogens. 

Factors To Prevent Breast Cancer 

Numerous factors contribute to the formation of breast cancer in the body. Aspects like the presence of cancer cells through genetic mutations are unavoidable. Especially when these factors combine with other unhealthy habits, breast cancer can occur. While some things are not in your power, you can still opt for healthy lifestyle choices that may prevent breast cancer.  

Although you cannot entirely prevent cancer, you can only decrease your chances of getting it. Try to maintain a healthy weight according to your body mass index (BMI). Eat a balanced diet that contains fruits, vegetables, and essential nutrients required by the body. Limit your alcohol consumption or avoid it. 

Once you reach menopause, it is better to avoid hormonal therapy. Consult a nutritionist to prepare a diet chart for yourself according to your age, weight, and medical conditions. If breast cancer runs in your family line, you should seek medical help to know ways by which you can try to prevent it. There are many ways to prevent cancer, ranging from medications, genetic testing, and counseling to breast cancer screening. 

Final Words 

Curcumin has so many benefits for the well-being of the body. However, according to the proven studies, it is still not a reliable and stand-alone treatment for breast cancer.

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